Altair was built in 1916 as fishing trawler, but soon after its completion it was commandeered into the German Navy during World War I. It participated in Operation Albion as a mine trawler. Altair perished in the morning of October 14th 1917 in a Russian minefield in Tagalaht Bay. 10 of the 31 crewmembers were killed.

Data about the wreck

Location: Baltic Sea, west of Sõru Harbour in Hiiumaa
Coordinates: 58° 41.129, 22° 15.036
Depth of wreck: 24 metres
Depth of surrounding area: 28 metres
Dimensions of wreck: length 15 metres, breadth 7 metres.
Dimensions of the original vessel: 39 x 7.1 x 3.95 metres
Tonnage: 237 grt

Status: The ship broke in half as a result of an explosion. The onboard weapons have survived. Diving: Suitable for experienced divers.

Cultural monument reg. no. 30728,
Diving is permitted only under the instruction of a licensed business operator or with a diving permit from the National Heritage Board of Estonia. During the navigation season there is an anchor buoy placed next to the wreck.

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