Diving in Estonia

Diving on underwater monuments and in the protected zones around them is allowed only on one of two cases.

A diver can attend a course (generally held 1-2 times a year) and obtain a personal license to dive on cultural monuments Estonia, issued by the National Heritage Board of Estonia. A diving permit may be applied for by any individual who is at least 18 years of age and has completed training in diving on monuments. The diving permit grants permission to dive on a monument solely to the holder of the permit.

The easier option is to join a tour organized by a licensed service provider. An activity licence of an underwater monument diving service provider can be applied for by a legal entity. In order to provide the service, permits must be sought for both the relevant specialist and the legal entity. An applicant for an activity licence for the relevant specialist must be a diving instructor with a valid licence and must have completed training in diving on monuments.

Licensed diving tour operators
OÜ Adrianto / Adventurecenter – https://adventurecenter.ee
Technical Diving Estonia – https://www.facebook.com/Technical-Diving-Estonia-104889016214932/
Sukeldumisklubi OÜ – http://www.maremark.ee/
OÜ Aquabaltic – http://www.aquabaltic.ee
Waterworld Expedition OÜ – http://www.waterworld.ee
MTÜ Eesti Sukeldujate Klubi – https://www.sukeldujad.ee/

Information about underwater monuments can be found online at the Registry of Cultural monuments.

Wrecks in Estonian waters that are included in the Baltacar project:
E. Russ
HMS Myrtle
Minesweeper No. 1 / Linnea
Minesweeper Shchit

Information booklet about diving in Estonia can be downloaded here.

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