Publications and Media

Baltic History Beneath the Surface (article collection, PDF, 117 Mb)


Project booklet
Diving to the wrecks of the HMS Myrtle, Altair, Shchit, Akula, minesweeper No-1 and E. Russ (Estonia)
The underwater parks of Hanko and Kemiönsaari (Finland)
Helsinki Underwater Park Kronprins Gustav Adolf (Finland)
Dalarö Dive Park (Sweden)
Creating a Dive Park: From Idea to Reality

Press trips

In the summer of 2019 Baltacar-project organized press trips to Sweden, Finland and Estonia in order to demonstrate the joint diving attraction that was developed in the course of the project. As a result the following magazine articles were published.

Diver Magazine (UK)
Frozen in time part 1 – Sweden
Frozen in time part 2 – Finland and Estonia

Sportdykaren (Sweden)
Dalarö dykpark

Dyk (Sweden, Denmark)
Baltiske Besøg: Estland

Other media appearances

ERR (Estonia)
Veealuse muuseumi külastamiseks on vaja erivarustust ja -väljaõpet

Centrum Balticum (Finland)
Meriarkeologit kasvattavat Itämeren sukellusturismia Baltacar-projektin puitteissa

Skärgarden (Sweden)
Vrak utanför Dalarö dokumenteras

3.11.2018 Estonian Radio morning talkshow


Hauensuoli (Finland) wreck park intro video.
Diving on the Cable Wreck in Hauensuoli (Finland).

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