Minesweeper No. 1 (Linnea)

Operated as a cargo ship under the name of Linnea in Finnish waters until 1914, the vessel was commissioned to the Russian Baltic Fleet after the outbreak of World War I, rebuilt into a minesweeper and renamed minesweeper No-1, even though it was not well suited to that task due to its size and limited manueverability.

On 16 September 1915 the minesweeper No. 1 hit a mine laid by the German submarine UC-4 five nautical miles northwest of Vormsi island and sank. The crew was saved by another minesweeper nearby, and no lives were lots.

Data about the wreck

Location: Väinameri Sea, northwest of Vormsi island and northeast of Hiiumaa.
Coordinates: 59° 06.124, 23° 01.751
Depth of wreck: 14 metres
Depth of surrounding area: 18 metres
Dimensions of wreck: length 64 metres (two separate parts) and breadth 8 metres.
Dimensions of the original vessel: 56.5 x 8.2 x 4 metres.
Orientation of wreck: 77-257
Tonnage: 739 grt

Status: The vessel broke in two after hitting a mine. A gun has been retrieved from the wreck and conserved, and it can be seen in the Seaplane Harbour of the Estonian Maritime Museum in Tallinn.

Cultural monument reg. no. 27805, register.muinas.ee
Diving is permitted only under the instruction of a licensed business operator or with a diving permit from the National Heritage Board of Estonia.

Suitable also for beginners.

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