A wooden wreck of 30-35 meters by 11 meters.

The vessel was copper lined and two masted. She is probably from the late 1800’s because of the artefacts found on board, like porcelain and ink bottles.

The wreck is known from 1960’s, and at that time some artefacts were lifted from it that are now on display in Hanko museum.

It is possible, that this wreck is a brig called Conservativ, which sunk on the Garp islands in October 1847. Conservativ’s wreck along with her lifeboats were auctioned in Tammisaari (Ekenäs) next summer (auctioning off wrecked ships to salvagers was very common at that time). At the time of sinking the ship was on its way from Glasgow to Kronstadt carrying a weight load. The captain and his five member crew were all saved from the wreckage.

Video “Diving on the Garpen wreck“.

Underwater guidelines take you to the wreck.

Max depth 14 m.

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