Diving in Sweden

The diving attraction in Sweden included in the Baltacar project is the Dalarö Dive Park.

Diving in the Dalarö Area
Wrecks of ships that sank before 1850 are considered ancient monuments and are protected under the Swedish Historic Environment Act (Kulturmiljölagen). Although diving is prohibited on some shipwrecks, it is generally permitted to dive on those that are considered ancient monuments. It is not allowed to interfere with a shipwreck or move or remove objects from it or its vicinity.

In Dalarö, diving is generally prohibited on the Bodekull, Anna Maria and Jutholmsvraket (the Jutholmen Wreck), which form part of the Dalarö Skeppsvraksområde maritime cultural reserve (the Dalarö Shipwreck Area or Dalarö Dive Park). More shipwrecks may be included in the cultural reserve. Access to these shipwrecks can be granted under the following conditions:

Diving or the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) may only take place accompanied by a dive guide. The dive guide must have a permit and have completed training in accordance with the plan developed by the Swedish National Heritage Board and Swedish Maritime Museum for guiding on shipwrecks of cultural heritage value. Permission is sought from Haninge municipality.

Wrecks in Dalarö:

Koster Wreck

Licensed diving service providers:

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