Figurehead wreck

A two masted sailing ship measuring about 28 meters by 7 meters. The wreck is in a surprisingly good shape, still standing on her keel. Therefore this wreck is a popular dive site providing an impressive diving experience.

The deck planks are mostly displaced probably due to damage from boats anchoring and also bubbles from divers swimming under the deck.

The wreck is presumed to be the brig Osborn & Elisabeth, built in Ramsgate, England in 1857. She sunk in September 1873 on her way from London to Kronstadt.

The crew consisted of captain Wright and his eight crew members. The ship was in weight load as she sunk.

The wreck has been popular among sport divers from the 1980’s. The nickname “Bow Figure” (Figurehead) comes from the impressive female figured bow figure, that unfortunately fell off from it’s place on 2001. Now the figure is professionally restored and at display at the Maritime Museum Vellamo in Kotka.

Underwater guidelines take you to the wreck.

Max depth 18m

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